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Albuquerque Balloons Aloft from Emerson

albuquerque aloft.JPGMany pilots who are registered for Balloon Fiesta sign up to participate in Albuquerque Aloft. Pilots launch their balloons from selected school grounds in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho on the Friday morning before Balloon Fiesta.

To read about more information about the Albuquerque Aloft program, please visit the Balloon Fiesta's website:

Albuquerque Aloft

Below are the pictures that were taken when the balloons launched from Emerson's playground.




IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0450.jpg IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0452.jpg IMG_0453.JPG IMG_0454.JPG IMG_0455.jpg IMG_0456.JPG IMG_0457.JPG IMG_0458.jpg IMG_0459.jpg IMG_0460.JPG IMG_0461.jpg IMG_0462.JPG IMG_0463.JPG IMG_0464.JPG IMG_0465.JPG IMG_0466.JPG IMG_0467.jpg IMG_0468.JPG IMG_0469.JPG IMG_0493.jpg IMG_0471.JPG IMG_0472.JPG IMG_0474.JPG IMG_0475.jpg IMG_0476.JPG IMG_0477.JPG IMG_0478.jpg IMG_0479.jpg IMG_0480.JPG IMG_0481.JPG IMG_0482.JPG IMG_0483.jpg IMG_0484.jpg IMG_0485.JPG IMG_0486.jpg IMG_0487.jpg IMG_0488.jpg IMG_0489.jpg IMG_0490.jpg IMG_0491.jpg IMG_0492.JPG